that time when anemic alba takes a real break

Possibly the realest life lesson I’m learning throughout the apprenticeship is that I seriously don’t know how to rest well. I’ve taken a sabbath on Saturdays almost all year, but it’s rarely legitimately restful because I tend to do other personal work or my general to-do list. Honestly, I thought that doing that kind of stuff was as restful as it gets but the joke is on me ’cause it most definitely was not hahaha!  This is like the problem that plagues our generation and I’m just one of the millions that takes too long to figure it all out.

Prior to the last conference in June (which was FANTASTIC, and I’ll blog about that later!), I got so confusingly ill like I’ve never felt before. I was exhausted all the time, dizzy, and slightly nauseous whenever I tried to eat food (which was rare in itself). Well, praise the LORD! ’cause two of my fabulous and loving co-workers took great care of me for a couple days while we were in Ontario and we found out that I was anemic.  It turns out being tired all the time is not normal, and I should have noticed wayyyy before it got as bad as it did haha!!

Since then, I’ve come home to most beautiful Saskatchewan to take a bit of a forced break. I got next to none of my many, many goals completed but it appears that I’ve taken a much needed break from life and so I get the feeling that God had a very different goal set than I did LOL. As an extrovert, I tend to have social plans for all hours of the day, every single day that I’m at home to make the most of my time so I can see all the people I love here! This time around, I’ve been resting at home about 80% of the time, and my rest time was pretty much just me ‘n Jesus. The first few days of forced resting are surprisingly hard. I have about 20 drafts for this blog and my newsletter, I attempted to read through multiple books, and I attempted to plan multiple huge hang out reunions. None of them were completed, and thank God for that! I ended up being too dizzy to get any work done and it’s only now that I’m starting to feel like my head is actually attached to my body [hence how I’m getting through this blog post], but I’m extremely thankful for this time away.

So if you take anything from my experience this time around, let it be that you should also take a break from life and to-do lists at some point because it’s fantastic (after the first couple stressful days). It’s like detoxing from a sugar addiction, and life is sweeter because of it.


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