The Summer of Conferences (AKA when Alba gets conflicted about being social)

I’m going to pull out my inner Jon Acuff here and say that one of the things that I’ve learned since starting as an apprentice is that Christians LOVE conferences and retreats. Seriously, more than any other group of people I’ve ever had the chance to interact with haha! All year you have church retreats, then club retreats, then womens’ retreats, mens’ retreats, staff retreats, leadership retreats, service team retreats, district conferences, topical conferences (worship, theology, sexuality, +more), occupational conferences, networking conferences, etc. If there’s a group of Christians that share any broad thing in common, there will definitely be a retreat and/or conference for it and it will happen at least once a year.

On one hand, it’s crazy cool that there’s so much community and camaraderie that goes on, and I seriously love how passionate people are. I love that people are so excited to share what God has been teaching them, and how everybody is delving into the journey that God is leading them through. It’s exciting to sit in a room with hundreds of people who seriously just want to worship the God of all creation, and to have speakers who can go into super depth on things you really, dearly, want/need to learn about.

On the other hand, it’s very scary. I’m an incredibly introverted extrovert so walking into a building where I know maybe 4 people out of 500  is a big and scary adventure. Once I get my bearings it’s so great, and I wander around making friends like it’s nobody’s business but until that happens I’m like a terrified animal in camo. We just had our district conference (BCYD PAOC) and I was having the most conflicted experience; simultaneously ecstatic about meeting everybody in the area and petrified by the amount of people who already knew each other and were many, many, many years into their profession.

Next weekend I’ll not only be attending History Maker in Chilliwack, but I’ll also be leading one of the breakout sessions!!! I’m leading one of the Real Talks on the topic of “Being Christ on Campus in Practical Ways.” I have no idea what to expect for numbers (it’s a pretty massive conference so even 2% would be a scary big number), and I have no idea how to communicate with people 12-19 years old in a fun way (I’ve always been an old soul), but I’ve walked the walk so now it’s time to talk the talk. God is asking me to take a giant leap out of my comfort zone and into the space he’s built so this is going to be an exciting/scary faith exercise. However this goes, it’s all in his hands and I’m going to trust that it will be what he needs it to be.

I would definitely appreciate your prayers and encouragements though. If you’ve ever thought about being Christ in your space, I would totes mcgoats love to hear what you’ve experienced, learned, taught, etc.! Send this gal a message, por favor!


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