Conflict: being in the world, but not of it

It’s been ages since I’ve last updated! January-February were crazy with retreats, events, new semester startup, etc. so in order to protect my sanity I cut down on everything that wasn’t absolutely essential. Now that everything has become slightly calmer, I can update again!

CONFLICT! Very few people enjoy it, and I am the kind of person that will do anything to avoid it. I’ll compromise until it hurts, or just run far, far away. I have intentionally lived my life with the least amount of conflict possible but I’ve recently learned that it isn’t good. While living away from conflict, I’ve consequently stepped away from a good number of significant opportunities to grow in faith (and share with others). So here’s the important message to take away from this:

Conflict is absolutely an important part of being a Christian. I specifically mean having inner conflict, because these are the moments when you need to choose not to be a part or product of “this world,” but rather to be set apart as a child of God. It’s inevitable that we will need to make choices every single day (probably multiple times) that will either prioritize Jesus or this world. We live in a world that actively hates Jesus so if we are never coming across situations that are forcing us to choose, than something is wrong/missing/being overlooked.

It could be anything:

  • do another hour of work or spend some time in prayer and read my bible?
  • decline a 3rd drink or keep drinking to fit in
  • tell a hurting friend about a hope in Jesus or stay silent and hope they’ll get there on their own
  • tithe 10% of your income or buy that iPad you’ve been eyeing

The conflict doesn’t have to a big giant issue – conflicts come in all shapes and sizes! Regardless of where we work, socialize, study, etc. we will guaranteed face a conflict at some point. What we do in those moments will speak volumes about our commitment, our relationship with God, and who exactly we know God to be. Has God brought me to this place, or have I earned this position out of my own merit? Will my friends think I’m ridiculously conservative or will I honor my body as a temple of the Holy Spirit? Am I ashamed to tell my friend that I believe there’s hope for her or do I think that the Lord has declared she’s worth the risk? Is all that I have a testament to God’s faithfulness or do I require more material good than what I already have?


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