check out our fall retreat in video form!

It’s such a huge blessing to work with amazing people, and I can 100% say that the staff + students at UCM@UBC are amazing! Not only are they super smart, but they’re crazy talented and they love to use their talents/skills in creative ways. I’m amazed at how privileged I am to actually get to work on such a gorgeous campus, with amazing people, for the glory of the greatest God. It’s mind-blowingly awesome.

We’re called to live our lives as if everything we do is for the glory of God and BLAMO! You get young people like the ones I work with, changing the face of ministry. Who would have thought the typical church would look as amazing as it does now? Everybody has so much to offer, and when people step up it’s craaaaazy! People are volunteering and serving in all the ways that they can, using the skills and talents that God gave them in beautiful ways. There are just no limits to the ways we all participate as kingdom builder. It really broadens my understanding of the concept of one body with parts for different purposes. I LOVE IT. I actually think I learn more from the students here than they do from me, but that’s OK.

This year we went to Seymour Chalet on Mount Seymour, and it was beautiful! The weekend is a time for students to literally retreat from the intense (and sometimes overwhelming) first couple weeks back to classes, while getting to know the people in the UCM community better. I don’t think people ever get too old for games, and retreats are a good example haha (mennonite dancing, fire in the barn, signs, psychiatrist, etc. just to name a few). Lee Soka came in to speak about being salt and light, which coincides with our theme this year of our little community being the city on a hill. You can read more on it in Matthew 5!

Here’s a video that one of the students decided to make using clips he took from the annual fall retreat back in September!


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