And so God said, “Thou shalt go forth and blog.”

Just kidding! That’s definitely not a commandment given anywhere in the Bible (clearly, because they didn’t have blogs). However, writing is definitely not ignored; The Israelites in Deuteronomy were to write the commandments on stones from the Jordan River, Jesus himself wrote on the ground when the people were trying trap him so that they might accuse him, and the Bible contains letters to the churches. Now, I’m not going to be writing anything so powerful as the aforementioned texts, but I am going to utilize the power of the internet to share with you my experiences and thoughts as a Campus Missionary Apprentice with UCM@UBC.

I once asked a very wise man how it was that he found himself in ministry and, unexpectedly,  he replied that, “life is ministry.” Up until this point, I saw my life in very specific categories of school/work, social, and “Christian stuff”; Sometimes they mixed but, for the most part it was separated. What happened after he said that was a complete paradigm shift and I took his words to heart. My life as a Christian is wholly God’s. I am a steward of the numberless blessings from my Father, and an eternal life through His son Jesus is a major one. I re-evaluated my life with a fresh set of (humbled) eyes, and asked the Lord where to go next. Repeatedly, I felt God calling me back to this amazing community that I had called home for so long to learn the ropes of campus ministry, and actively engage in the Great Commission – to go out and make disciples. In my prayers, I was faced with the question “will I do my part?” Thousands upon thousands of students walk this beautiful campus everyday, and yet so few of them ever hear the good news! The more I study the word, the more deeply I feel the need to go out and share with my peers in this, which is literally a matter of life and death.

The campus missionary apprenticeship gives me the opportunity to engage in hands on learning and academic study through classes, mentorship, discipling younger students, bible study, and dedicating my life to serving the students in whatever way God leads us. I love that we do it in the same way that Jesus did: through relationships, community, love, mercy, peace, justice, and grace. We walk through life together, in the increasingly individualistic modern day society, and only a month in I’m already amazed at the intricacies of God’s work. I’m starting this journey as a fresh faced and rather ingenuous apprentice with a lot to learn, but I’m excited to be refined and to serve on such a vast mission field.





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